Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Deidara Lemon One-Shot


Giggling at her boyfriend who was gently placing kisses along her neck and arms around her waist.  "Dei-Dei we can't do this here" he grunted in response as his grip tightened "it's been way too long since I've last seen you though don't you think (Name) hmmm".  Sighing as he nibbled on her neck she turned in his arms as his lips crashed down onto hers.  Moaning in response as his tongue eagerly made it's way into her mouth and started a battle of dominance.  He won in the end as his fingers grasped onto her body wherever he could get hold.  She pulled away from him and smirked  he sighed "no games this time yeah".  Giggling she began to walk away swaying her hips as she did.  Staring her body down hungrily he quickly made his way to follow her.  Grasping her hand he pulled her in a hurry to get to her home.

It felt like hours to get to her house much to deidara's annoyance and she took her time unlocking the damn door.  He watched her patience wearing thin as she walked in him following close behind her.  Smirking she walked away from him towards the room removing her jacket as she glanced back at him.  Chuckling he eagerly followed removing his akutski cloak.  Sitting on the bed she stared at him innocently but mischief was clear in her eyes.  "What are you going to do to me dei-dei?"  Slowly making his way forward she watched him hunger, need, and lust in his eyes.

"Do you want me to tell you or show you hmmm" giggling she once again pulled away from him as he sighed in frustration.  "Tell me than show me" he smirked and began to climb onto the bed "well first of all I am going to ravish you in kisses yeah" inching closer she watched him closely.  "Then we are going to make love so hard you won't be able to walk straight for a week un".  "Oh" she teased with a smirk he shook his head as the bulge in his pants expanded.  Inches apart there breaths mingled licking his lips playfully he quickly smashed his lips onto hers.

His hand roamed every part of her body they could get hold of the mouths nibbling waiting for a taste of her skin.  Giggling at the sensation his hands gave raising an eyebrow he glanced at her through clouded eyes.  Pecking his nose she smiled he began an attack on her neck nibbling sucking and licking.  Sighing she tugged at his shirt as he quickly removed it returning to his previous actions. 

Running her hands through his blonde locks he groaned as she tugged him back into a heated kiss.  Together their tongues danced as his hands slipped under her shirt.  A squeak came from her at the sudden coldness of his hands.  Smirking the tongues on his hands began to lick her at her stomach.  A shiver ran down her spine at the feeling of his hands tongues as he moved them up slowly.

Briefly touching the bra lining he pulled away frowning as he pulled off her shirt and slightly glaring at the piece of clothing.  Giggling she shook her head and unclasped the bra removing it from herself. 

Smirking he began his work on her breasts.  Moaning loudly she arched into him shoving his head more into her.  The want between her thighs became more stronger.  He was hard as ever now groaning at the sounds she made.  "Dei-Dei" she whimpered.  Chuckling he glanced at her.  Face flushed and lips parted as she panted slightly.  "P-please" he kissed her as she practically ripped off his clothes leaving him in just his boxers.

Pulling away he glanced at himself confusion in his eyes as he looked at the woman beneath him who smiled innocently at him.  "Eager aren't we yeah" face heating up she looked away as he pulled her back in for a sweat kiss.  Her pants were quickly removed as his hand rubbed her covered warmth.   Tongue eagerly trying to have a taste of her sweetness.  Moaning loudly as it licked at her again. 

His throbbing manhood twitched with anticipation as her moans grew louder.  "(N-name) I need you now yeah" ripping off her underwear and positioning himself at her entrance.  Bracing herself she grasped onto his shoulders as he pushed himself in slowly.  Whimpering at the sudden intrusion she kissed him deeply as he shoved himself all the way in. 

Hips snapped against one another as she cried out in pleasure him groaning in satisfaction.  He groped her breasts the teeth on his hands nibbling and sucking on her pink nubs.  Nails digging into his back she arched into him wanting to feel more of him.  Lips crashing into one another in a heated kiss as his pace sped up hitting her G-spot.  "DEI-DEI!" smirking he aimed for that spot hitting it repeatedly. 

The coil grew feeling her release nearing as his member throbbed more.   "I-I'm going to..nnnngh" he nibbled on her neck as he groaned lowly.  Hands pinned above her head he pounded into like no tomorrow.  Her mind blanked out at the intensity of the pleasure as she cried out word she couldn't understand as she released.  A growl erupted from deep within his chest as he gave on final thrust spilling his seed into her. 

Panting harshly against one another  he smirked at her and kissed her lightly "I'm not done with you yet yeah not until I do what I said I would un" giggling she pecked him "I was hoping you would say that".  

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

**Leaders do have weaknesses** Pein Lemon One-Shot


~~~Story Start~~~

A smirk was planted on the young girls face as she pushed her self closer to her so-called superior.  His face held no emotion yet he didn't try to push her away as she pressed herself closer to him.  So long she waited for this day this time to be alone with him without his partner or anyone else around.  She suspected he did it on purpose for the two of them to be alone.  She flirted with him when it was just the two of them--here and there.  Wondering when he would lose himself to her and make her his.  So long she yearned for him passionately, intimately.  In any way he would offer himself to her.

Now here they were in his office his back against the wall and their chests pressed against one another but it wasn't enough for yoko she wanted him to make the first move wanted him to lose himself to her.  "What do you want leader-sama" she asked as she looked up seductively at him but yet….nothing.  She moved away from him as she slowly unbuttoned her cloak as she kept her eyes on his reaction.  His eyes watched her hands as they slowly undid one button at a time.  She smirked as it slowly fell from her shoulders and into a pool around her feet.  Her original clothes on under nothing but a black short shorts with silver belt and a fishnet shirt over her bra.  His eyes slowly scanned over her form as she seen the hint of lust and want.  She walked away from him swaying her body as she did.

"What exactly are you trying to prove yoko" the leader asked as he slowly approached her.  Tilting her head innocence written on her feature "what do you mean leader-sama" she asked as she sat on the desk.  He eyed her suspiciously as he slowly made his way to her excitement ran down yoko's spine as he inched closer and closer.  Just like her he slowly undid his cloak buttons watching her as he did so.  Her eyes scanned over his buttons as he took his time undoing them 'why must he be so slow' she thought as frustration ran through her. 

She glanced at the man before her and there it was a smirk planted on his features as he moved closer to her "tell me yoko….what is it you want". 

What was this nervousness? 

She gulped as she blushed slightly she opened her mouth to speak but nothing came out but a mumble.  His smirk grew as his cloak fell to reveal his tight black shirt and regular pants.  Her eyes ran down his body over his chest and abs as she blushed deep crimson.  "Like what you see" she looked up his face just inches away "because I like what I see" she blushed as he placed himself between her legs.  "You want this don't you yoko" he ran a finger up and down her thigh.  His touch sent shocks throughout her body as she shivered and looked up to meet his eyes "leader-" "pein" he cut her off she smiled and nodded.  "Pein" his eyes watched her as she slowly ran a finger down his chest and abs. 

Inching closer as there eyes stayed on one another. His scent intoxicated her as he gently placed his lips on hers.  Eyes closed as the sweet and gentle kiss grew more passionate and rough.  He grabbed her as he pulled her closer to him groaning from the feeling of her body against his own.  Wrapping her arms around his neck he slowly raised her shirt up and off.  He rubbed her sides she sighed and tugged on his shirt as he also removed his shirt not staying away from her lips for long returning to them.  The taste of metal didn't seem to bug her as she nipped on his bottom lip.  He grunted and slowly pushed her down over the desk as he crawled on top and snuggled between her legs. 

Piece by piece their clothing hit some random spot on the ground around them as they hurriedly made there way to what they wanted…or more like needed.  "Pein" he groaned in response as he disposed of their last barrier between them and slowly made his way into his lover.  She whimpered in response.  She wasn't a virgin but still his size and the fact that it's been way too long since she's had a man made it slightly painful for her.

"Shhhh" he soothed as she glared at the man hovering above her and saw a smile.  An actual smile that no one has ever seen perhaps his partner but not her she stared slightly shocked as he chuckled lightly "that my dear is just for you" he whispered she didn't respond knowing that he meant it.  Instead of words she used what she felt would be right as she kissed his lips again accepting his words.  Slowly he began to move into her as he began a steady pace.  

Their hips grinded together quickly and harshly as moans groans and the slapping of skin filled the room.  Sweat covered their bodies as she tried to keep up with his pace but failed as he went even faster than before.  "P-pein" grunting at the sound of her voice which sounded so erotic to him which made him go crazy every time it slipped her tongue.  He smashed his lips onto her into a sloppy heated kiss.  He grunted as she grasped onto his hair taking two fistfuls.  He breathed in every moan she made as he hit a certain spot in her which made her contract around him.  Groaning loudly he continued to hit that spot loving the way she held onto him tightly.  "Yoko" he moaned as she scratched down his back.  She couldn't respond due to the fact she was having a hard time just trying to breath.

Who knows how long the two made love as their ends came.  Fluids mixed together as she screamed his name and he groaned out hers.  Panting harshly he laid on top of her placing butterfly kisses along her neck.  Sighing happily she giggled and wrapped her arms around him he chuckled "how long did you want that" she blushed as he smirked at her.  "Shut up" she mumbled as he kissed her one more time before rolling over and pulling her close drifting off into sleep. 

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

*Don't leave me* Naruto Uzumaki Lemon One-Shot


Name: Biance (Everyone calls her B)

{|{|Story Start|}|}

You sighed as you kicked a rock out the way where you were walking.  You kept to yourself  since your older brother Asuma passed away a year ago.  You pushed your friends away from you they kept on coming to check on you but the more they came the harder you pushed.  They eventually stopped coming and now you had no one.  You regretted it of course but you were now afraid to feel that pain again to lose someone you care so much about that you just stopped getting close to people.  You even left your boyfriend of two years with ease.  Well you made it look easy but to him it tore him apart which hurt you even more. 

You looked up to see you were closer to your house you walked to your steps to see naruto sleeping at your door you blinked then looked around it was getting dark.  You stared at him and smiled you missed him a lot more than you thought.  Your heart ached as you stared at his sleeping form he was after all your ex boyfriend whose heart you tore to shreds.  You sighed as you poked his head "mmmm five more minutes please" you smiled and poked him again as he groggily looked at you "five more minutes B" you blinked as his eyes shot open "B!" he stood up as you backed away a little to give him room.

He looked at you for awhile when you spoke "are you okay naruto" he looked around as he scratched his head "uhh" you tilted your head as he blushed slightly "I just came to check on you but you weren't home so I decided to wait but I guess I fell asleep" he said with a nervous laugh as you nodded "I'm fine" you walked by him as you went to unlock your door.  You opened it and turned to naruto "I'll see you around naruto" you turned to walk in when you felt him grab your arm you turned around quickly as he looked at you worried "everyone is worried about you B" you pulled your arm away and glared "I told them and you that I'm fine" he glared back "no your not" you were taken back by his words but kept your glare.

He sighed as he ran his hand through his hair "we miss you B they miss you" he looked down "I miss you" "I've been busy" you lied as he groaned in frustration "B" "I TOLD YOU I'M FINE!!!" you yelled as he closed his eyes.  You sighed as you walked back to your door when you were pushed in and the door shut closed you turned to see naruto staring at you with a glare "this is going to sound harsh B but I have to say it" he took a deep breath and looked at you seriously "asuma is gone and nothing is going to bring him back" you glared at him "I know that now if your done leave" he shook his head as he stepped closer "I know it's going to be hard but you have to move on and live your life" you could feel the pain coming back as your eyes began to water.

He walked closer to you as you backed away from him "you can't be alone" "YES I CAN" you yelled as tears fell he stopped "NO YOU CAN'T" he yelled back as you looked at him surprised as he stared at you "I know you B you never liked being alone" you looked down as he stepped closer "you have to let him go and let the people who care about you help you" "how did you do it" you mumbled in a whisper.  He was quite for awhile as he laughed "I had you" you closed your eyes as tears fell "but I" "it's forgotten". 

Your eyes widened as he pulled you into a hug and held you there tightly you wrapped your arms around him as you sobbed onto him.  You sat on the floor and wiped your tears away "feel better?" you nodded as you pulled away slightly and looked up at him to see his smile.  You blinked as you blushed slightly "naruto" he tilted his head "I'm sorry" you whispered as you wrapped your arms around his neck.  He smiled "don't worry about it" he said as he gently pressed his lips against yours.

You stiffened as he began to pull back you panicked as you pressed your lips to his.  He smiled as he pulled you onto to him and held you there tightly as his lips moved in sync with yours.  You moaned silently as he ran his tongue on your bottom lip as you opened your mouth as his tongue dominated your mouth.  He played with your tongue as you bit on his bottom lip he groaned loudly as his hands ran over your body.  You shivered as you ran your hands through his hair and pulled off his head band he pulled away from you as he looked at you and stared at you.  You smiled as you pecked him "naruto" you mumbled against his lips he hummed in response as his kisses trailed down your neck you moaned as he found your sweet spot. 

You could feel his 'friend' rub against your inner thigh as you moved you smirked as you grinded into him.  He groaned "don't…do that" he claimed your lips roughly as his hands grasped onto your breasts.  You moaned as you put your hands over his and squeezed.  You pushed yourself harder against him as he laid you onto the floor as he hovered over you.  You pulled away as you glanced at him he blushed as you nodded.  He smiled as he kissed you passionately as he slowly lifted your shirt up and off.  You unzipped his jacket as he took it off along with his shirt.

You ran your hands down his chest as he groaned and began to rub your breasts in circle motions.  You tilted your head back as you moaned loudly he nipped licked and sucked on your neck.  You ran your fingers through his hair as he groaned.  Latching his hands roughly onto your hips he pulled you against him even more as you eagerly began to unbuckle his pants and pulled them down.  He hurriedly threw you pants off as well.  You moaned loudly as he grinded into you and you feel yourself not being able to stand much more of this foreplay and the way naruto was panting you knew he couldn't either. 

"Naruto I can't wait any longer" he nodded in agreement as he quickly discarder your last pieces of clothing.  Rubbing his shaft against your now moist folds as you groaned in frustration.  He merely let out a soft chuckled and in one quick snap of his hips entered you fully.  You hissed in pleasure as he groaned and buried his face into the crook of your neck.  He started out slow but gradually quickened his pace "na--ru--to" you gasped out on each thrust as he hungrily claimed your lips in a wet, hot, sloppy kiss.

It felt like hours till you two began to tire and about to reach your limits you opened your eyes to see naruto staring down at you his hair over his eyes slightly aand sweaty as he placed a passionate kiss to your lips as you moaned into the kiss.  His speed increased even more as your release was inching closer and closer until you snapped and grabbed his hair screaming his name as he growled yours.  His thrusts slowed and eventually stopped as he snuggled on your chest as you carefully wrapped your arms around him.  The silence was almost peaceful as your breathing became normal once again as he sighed happily "I love you so much" he whispered as you smiled "naruto" he glanced at you worried as you kissed the tip of his nose "don't leave me" you whispered as he smiled warmly and nuzzled your cheek "never" he whispered back softly as you grip tightened on him.  "We should probably move to the room" he said as you giggled but nodded as you two left to get your sleep as he gazed at you lovingly and you knew from then that he wouldn't leave you…..ever.

Monday, 28 May 2012

**Tamed & Claimed** Gaara Lemon One-Shot


Name: Melody
Age: 16

{|{|{Story Start}|}|}

"YEAH PARTY!!" you yelled as you jumped up on the table while temari tried to pull you off.  "Come on mel settle down" you giggled as you moved away from her as she tired to grab you "oh come on temari loosen up" you said as she sighed.  You looked at naruto who was apparently as drunk as you.  You laughed "naruto" he looked up at you and gave you a drunken smile as you motioned him to join you.  He laughed as he jumped on the table with you as you hit play on the stereo and began to dance "come on you guys get off" sakura said irritated it was after all her party. 

You looked at her as she crossed her arms you smiled "sakura come *hiccup*  dance" she sighed as she easily pulled naruto off "awww sakura you…you party" he didn't finish as his head fell on the table and passed out.  You looked at sakura who sweat dropped then looked at you.  Temari sighed "someone needs to tame you mel" you looked at her and laughed "never" you said as you looked at sakura who was now glaring daggers at you.  

You shook your hands defensively "fine I'll *hiccup* get off" you jumped of as you staggered forward and bumped onto someone as you grabbed onto them to help you keep your balance.  You glanced up to see gaara he helped you stand straight as you looked around everyone was leaving and sakura was dragging naruto to the couch.  Temari stared at the two of you then smirked as she seen you had a grip on gaara and gaara was also holding on to you.  She walked up to the two of you and whispered into your ear "hey mel bet you can't gaara down".  You giggled evilly as you nodded "bet I can".  She nodded "we'll see he's a tough one" she said as she looked at gaara with a smile who raised an eyebrow at the two of you.

You smirked at him "gaaaaaa-ra" you said in a sing song voice he raised an eyebrow as you leaned onto him and giggled "wanna walk me home" his eyes widened slightly as he stared at you.  You giggled as you ran your hands down his chest "well" you asked as he cleared his throat and grabbed onto your arm and walked out the door with you close behind him.  You kept on tripping on the way home as gaara held onto you closely.  You stopped about half ways there "we need a break" you said as he nodded and sat on a bench as you sat beside him it was quiet.  You looked at him as he stared straight ahead you leaned onto him as he looked at you "thanks for walking me home" you said as he smirked "were not there yet" you giggled "I know" you got up as he stood with you. 

You looked at him and smirked as you jumped on him he caught you but lost his balance and fell on the ground with you on top.  You giggled "I did it" he raised an eyebrow at you as you smiled at him "I got you down" he smirked as he wrapped his arms around your waist.  "You got me down what now" you faked a surprised gasp as you looked at him "gaara subaka if you think I do things like that in public you are sadly mistaken" he sat up and kissed your neck "then we better hurry and get you home" he whispered as you shivered and nodded.  He also nodded as he got the two of you up.  He wrapped his arms around your waist as he began to walk you home.

The door swung open as the two of you stumbled in lips locked together as you tugged at his clothes.  He groaned deeply as he quickly pulled your shirt off and returned to your lips as you tugged his shirt up.  He discarded his shirt as you ran your hands up and down his well toned chest.  Your back hit the wall as he pulled your hips forward into his as the two of you groaned in pleasure as you began to grind into each other.  You pulled away as he attacked your neck kissing, licking and nibbling "pants….off" you panted out as he grunted in response.  You undid his belt and tugged his pants down as they fell on the floor.  He lifted your skirt and tugged off your panties as his fingers began to taunt with your opening.  You groaned as he slid two digits into you and began to pump them slowly.  He kissed you roughly as he entered another digit and sped up his movements as you arched your back and moaned loudly.

Your walls tightened as you hit your orgasm and your fluids ran down his fingers.  He licked up the fluids as he looked at you "you taste good" he said as he bent down and put your legs over his shoulders.  You grabbed his hair and moaned loudly as his tongue began to do wondrous things.  You bit down hard on your lip as you can feel yourself ready to cum for a second time.  He pulled away right before your release  you panted hard as he stood straight as he pushed his lips against yours.  Tasting yourself on them.  You pushed him forward as he fell onto the couch as you quickly ripped off his boxers.  Pulling away from him you gave him a devilish smirk.  He watched you as you crawled down him to his hardened member as you almost drooled at the sight. 

You licked his shaft slowly bottom to tip as he groaned deeply.  "Don't…tease" he managed out as you giggled and engulfed him whole.  He grasped onto your hair as you began to suck and bob your head.  He pushed your head further down as you ran your teeth over him slowly going back up.  He pulsated in your mouth as he moaned loudly and shot his seed into your mouth.  You swallowed it as you pulled away from him as sat on him.  He licked the rest of the cum off that was on the side your mouth.  You licked his lips as he growled and shoved you down on the couch.  You wrapped your arms around his neck as he looked at you and smirked you raised and eyebrow as he kissed you and wrapped your legs around his waist.  "You're mine" he whispered demandingly as you looked up at him.  Lust and hunger reflected in his eyes and in one quick movement entered you. 

You moaned loudly as his length stretched your walls like none other has before.  How you didn't realize how big he was surprised you as he grabbed your chin and hungrily kissed you.    You bit down on his lip as he began to thrust into you harder and faster.  You met him thrust for thrust until he began to go even faster and you couldn't keep up with his speed.  You scratched down his back as he hissed in pleasure and pain.  He nuzzled into the crook of your neck as he bit down hard and began to lick the mark as you yelped in pleasure.  He gripped onto your hips as he rammed into you harder and harder hitting your g-spot over and over.  You began to see stars as he groaned deeply into your ear "ga-gaara" you moaned as your walls tightened around his length as you came.

He continued to thrust into you not too long after  came with a deep growl as his seed shot into you as his thrusts slowed down and eventually stopped.  You panted as did he and the two of you just stayed silent as he got up and looked at you.  You smiled at him as you moved his hair out of his eyes "that was" he smirked as you didn't finish.  He rolled off of you and wrapped his arm around your waist and pulled you to him.  You snuggled into him "mel" "hmmm" you answered tired "you belong to me now" you just nodded as his grip tightened on you. 

~~~Temari & Kankuro's Pov~~~

Temari looked at the drunk kankuro "we should go check on mel see if she made it home" kankuro looked at his sister "you said she was with gaara he probably got her home" you giggled "I wonder if she got gaara down" kankuro glanced at his sister confusion in his eyes.  She smiled "I bet her she couldn't take down gaara" kankuro just shrugged "I don't get why you guys do that" "to prove girls can hold there own" he laughed "girls can't take on guys" temari smirked "then why did she get you down" kankuro glared at his sister as she laughed.  The two got to melody's  as they approached the door temari raised her hand to knock when "GAARA" they heard a moan.  Temari stopped face beet red as she glanced at her brother whose eyes looked they were about to pop out but then burst out laughing.  "Well I guess that means she got home" temari just chuckled "tamed and claimed" they both said as they turned and left.